Astrology is an art, which gives meaning to our existence in the Universe and on the Earth. It helps us realize that we are a part of something bigger and our life has a deeper meaning beyond our everyday activities and close environment. 

As an astrologer, I can describe your potential talents, internal needs, likes and dislikes, reactions, beliefs and interactions with society. I can’t make decisions about your life but I can help you to make your decisions by helping you understand your nature.

I have been using Katya’s services for a while now.
She prepared my personalized astrological chart and explained it with great detail. It gave me insights to better understand my personality and potentials as well as future possibilities.
I like to consult with Katya, when I have a burning question or have to choose a date for important events. She is very accurate.
I love my Personal Moon/Sun Calendar. It helps me to find appropriate days for revitalizing procedures, dieting and how to preserve or accumulate my energy.
In short I strongly recommend her services to everyone who is open minded and willing to give The Astrology Corner a chance.

Katia Aho

I love the interpretation of my natal chart made by Katia. Her approach is very positive, supporting and non- judgemental. Even the challenging aspects and configurations in my chart felt manageable, achievable and even as opportunity. She was able to put my mind at peace and harmonize my energy. I strongly recommend her services if you are looking for positive, empathetic and encouraging astrologer! 

Sevda Boneva