My Experience With Astrology

I have been interested in astrology for more than 30 years. It all began at the high school, in Bulgaria. In those years the country was a socialist one and astrology books were extremely hard to find. My mum often came home with a hand written copy of a book in astrology, acupressure and other readings that were impossible to buy from a bookstore.

A few years after the fall of the communist regime in 1989, such books could be bought on the street, there were many street book sellers. I bought Sepharial’s Astrology as well as Ephemeris and began to draw horoscopes by hand. At that time, there was no astrological software available.

Of course, there were other topics in my life and I was not so persistent in my interest in astrology. Sometimes I just bought a book or two, sometimes I read some of those books. Through the years, I read several distance courses in natal astrology, with breaks in between.

Two years ago, I finally found the teacher that suits my way of learning, Slavcho Mitrev. He is an excellent astrologist and teacher, explaining all in a logical way, with consistency, that allows students to get a deep understanding of astrology’s ground principles. I completed his course in Classical Astrology. I also attended one of his workshops in Horary astrology. I was impressed by the capability of the horary astrology to answer many different questions in all aspects of life by the means of analysis and logical reasoning. I enrolled on a course in Horary Astrology at The School of Traditional Astrology. This school was founded by Deborah Houlding, who is a great astrologer and teacher. The course begins in January and the plan is to complete it in June.

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  1. Благодаря, Виолета!

    1. Благодаря, Виолета!

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