There has been lots of disturbance this year. It doesn’t matter if this pandemic was natural or unnatural phenomena, it was something that we have never seen before. How did it result on our lives?

A large part of us were frustrated that we were forced to change our routines in our everyday life. We believed it’s temporary but that was not the case. It continued long enough to make us change our habits and, maybe, our way of thinking. For many people it was much worse, bringing them loss of job and income, forcing them to find new ways to handle their lives.

Looking at the positive side, staying at home gave us time to focus on our internal growth, educating, but also staying more with our families, getting a chance to rebuild our relationships.

All those forced changes began with the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn last January. Such an aspect brings major changes on a global level. But that was not all. At the end of the year, in December, another major astrological event occurred. Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunction was very important not just because we could see “the double star”, but because it happened in Aquarius. We are right now in the beginning of a new era. During the next 200 years Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunctions will occur in air signs, bringing us the air spirit.

What can we expect? Our life becomes more virtual, and we already see some of these tendencies. Virtual currency, virtual jobs, shared economy, shared values, breaking down monopoles are some of the aspects of our future. How will it happen? We’ll see 🙂

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