Saturn is the last visible planet in the Solar system. In the traditional astrology, it is known as ”The big evil”, that brings sorrow. According to the modern astrology, which is more psychologically oriented, the ”tough” planets help us to grow.

Saturn returns back in its position in the birth chart in about 29 years. In mythology, Saturn is the titan Cronus, also called ”The God of Time”. In astrology, it is said to be a planet, which imposes restrictions, delays, sets requirements. However, Saturn is not a total prohibition or a total restriction. It is more like a symbol of the solid, preserved over the time things. It keeps and saves, that is why it is related to traditions and our roots.

Saturn teach us patiance and persistency. it is therefore associated with a father figure, someone who sets limitations and requirements in order for his children to develop a sense of safety and self confidence. Saturn is also associated with common sense and the connection to reality, as well as the sense of duty and the hard labor without a reward.

People with strong Saturn in their birth charts have a strong sense of duty and responsibility. They are capable of deprivation and asceticism, ready to work hard to achieve their goals. At the same time, they may have control issues. They need to control everything to ensure that all is ok. They strive for security. Imagination and creativity are not among their strengths.

How do Saturn restrictions manifest? If, for example, Saturn is in conjunction with Mercury, which represents the mind, speech and communication, Saturn’s nature will appear in these features. The mind won’t be fast or creative, because Saturn slows things down. On the other hand, such a mind will be structured, logical and deep. The speech can be slow, or the individual might have speech disorders. In his / her communication, such a person follows etiquette and traditions, and will show respect to the elderly and to those in higher positions.

The crises that Saturn is usually associated with come from imposing requirement of the individual. Saturn usually appears in our lives as a person from our surroundings, someone who imposes requirements on us. We may experience this as a heavy burden.

In astrology, Saturn rules over Capricorn and in the zodiac wheel, Capricorn sits directly across Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. The Moon controls our wishes and the way we feel comfortable. The contradiction between Saturn and The Moon is actually the fight between ”I must” and ”I wish”. In the most cases there is a big gap between those two cathegories. That is why ”must” is experienced as something strongly negative and thus relates to negative feelings.

The reason behind it is that Saturn’s requirements are not our inner demands, which we force upon ourselves. They are set by our surroundings. But if someone demands us to do something, it’s not nesessarily in an unpleasant thing.

If our newborn baby cries, he / she imposes restrictions to us – we cannot sleep and cannot manage our time as we would like to. If our parents need help, we are going to help them, even if we have more plesant things to do. By fulfilling Saturn’s requirements, we learn consistency, discipline, and focus on our goals. So maybe, it is not that bad 🙂

© Katya Stoeva, 2020

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