As Above So Below

Many people argue that a planet situated so far away from the Earth cannot influence one’s life. That is why they believe that astrology has no scientific roots. 

Actually, it is not the direct influence of a planet that defines someone’s life. Astrology is based on the similarity principle “As Above So Below”, according to which the same laws that work in space define those factors that influence our lives. It just reflects the fact that we are a part of the Universe.

It is far not only astrology that is based on the similarity principle. The ancient Chinese learning of The Five Elements (air, fire, metal, tree, water) is also grounded on this principle. According to it, green color, the season of Spring and the liver in the body all belong to the element of the tree. Is there a connection between them all? In the Spring, when Nature wakes up and all is green, the liver is most active. 

Tao’s concept of Yin and Yang duality that exist in every little thing is another example of application of the similarity principle. When there is excess of cold we need to add heat to achieve the balance between them. If it is too cold in the room, we turn on the stove or light the fireplace. If we have got cold, we drink hot tea and put on warm clothes to warm up our body. 

Here comes some basic similarities in astrology: 

The Sun – our consciousness, main personality,  life energy, ego;

The Moon – our feelings, habits, subconsciousness, how we feel comfortable;

Mercury – our mind, thinking patterns, communication, talk, learning abilities;

Venus – what we like and dislike, relationships, love, aesthetics, beauty, harmony;

Mars – action, reaction, impuls, anger, sex, aggression;

Jupiter – our position in society and social norms, our interaction with our surroundings;

Saturn – the father figure, the law, our responsibilities, traditions, history, our roots;

The three transsaturn planets move slowly and are more important in mundane astrology rather than in a personal natal chart but being on a special positions, they can impact personality quite strong. 

Uranus is associated with protest against the norms, new ideas, rejection of the status quo; 

Neptune – inspiration, imagination, contact with the outer worlds, mediation, spirit growth;

Pluto – insightfulness, understanding of the underlying factors, manipulation, psyche abilities

Each planet has also its similarities with different body parts, herbs, plants etc. How does it work? Astrologer Lee Lehman noticed that the diseases, associated with a particular planet, can be cured with herbs, ruled by the same planet. 


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