Mars in Taurus, 6/1 – 4/3, 2021

On the 6th of January Mars ingresses in Taurus, which is traditionally considered as a weak position. The reason is that Mars represents pure energy, impuls, aggression, directed action, while Taurus is calm, slow, stable, fixed, persistent. In this way, Taurus does not provide the best possible conditions for Mars to express its nature. But there is another perspective, too. Ancient astrologers characterized planets and signs after their humoral nature: hot / cold and dry / moist. Mars is dry and hot. Taurus as an earth sign is dry and cold. From this perspective, they have something in common: they are both dry, meaning localized and specific and can work together, combining energy and matter

It takes time for Mars to manifest in Taurus, because Mars’ energy has to overcome Taurus’ resistance to change. Once being motivated to action, Taurus works hard, methodically and purposefully, with stable, concrete, real results. Taurus is patient and does not lose control easily, but when it explodes, the echo will be heard far away.  This time period is therefore not the best for taking new actions and initiatives. It is though suitable for successfully completion of work and initiatives that we have begun earlier, because now we have the patience needed.

The days between 14th and 21st of January can be filled with tension. During these days, Mars in conjunction with Uranus (in blue on the chart) makes square with the conjunction of Juptier and Saturn (in green on the chart). On the 20th of January, the day of inauguration of the American president, the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Aquarius will join the described square, making the tension even stronger. According to the ancient astrologers, the square aspect has the nature of Mars – forced action and aggression. It is therefore possible that protests and resistance occur on the inauguration day, according to the astrologer Joni Patry. Let’s hope for the best possible scenario! 


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