Mercury in Aquarius, 8/1 – 16/3, 2021

In a three day period, three personal planets, Mars, Mercury and Venus change sign. Mars already entered Taurus on 6/1, and on the 8th of January Mercury ingresses in Aquarius just some hours before Venus ingresses in Capricorn. All these changes could cause some disturbance in our thinking, relationships and actions. 

Mercury will stay in Aquarius for 3 and a half months, with a retrogradation period included. It enters in shadow (pre-retrograde) on the 15th of January. On the 31st of January the planet is station to retrograde. The retrograde movement will continue to the 21st of February, when it is station to direct. The post-retrograde period (shadow) ends on the 13th of February. 

Aquarius is an air sign and Mercury is the nocturnal triplicity ruler of the air element. That is why its position in Aquarius is not so bad. Goin out from the structured and determined way of thinking in Capricorn, Mercury in Aquarius brings new ideas, thinking outside of the box. This position, though, could also increase anxiety to some degree. 

During the retrograde period, be extremely careful when signing contracts and filing papers – read all twice before signing. In your communication, both written and oral, make sure that you understand correctly the others and they get you right, too. 


Ephemeris 2021,

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