My STA course in Horary Astrology Begins – So Exciting!!!

Finally!!! My course in Horary Astrology at STA (School of Traditional Astrology) begins. I’m really very excited about it! The course is held by Deborah Houlding, Lee Lehman, Wade Caves and Eve Dembowski – all great professionals!

We have already got some learning materials and we have access to our first lecture. I’m so impatient to meet my teachers and colleagues online! I’ve been waiting for the course start for three months! In the meantime, I tried to learn about horary astrology and practice it as much as possible in order to be well prepared for the course. My expectations are that at the end of the course, in June, I will feel confident about reading horary charts, even complicated ones 🙂 and being thus able to help people.

A description of the course can be found here: