Parliamentary Elections in Bulgaria, 2021

The date for the parliamentary elections in Bulgaria is set on the 4th of April, 2021. Looking at the chart for the start of the elections (7 a.m. at Sofia, Bulgaria), several things emerge: 

  1. The planet closest to an angle is Uranus on the ASC. It describes the elections process and the election day. Uranus is future oriented, thus meaning innovations, new technologies but also rebellion and rejection of the law and order. Uranus is in Taurus in a weak position (fall) and will thus show its worse side. In mundane astrology Uranus is related to political tension, separation, anarchy and nihilism.
  2. The other angular planet, which is close to the MC, is Pluto in the 10th house. Pluton is associated with secret matters but being in the 10th house, secrets will be revealed and will play a transformative role in the electoral process. This might be related to political undergrounds or organised crime, related to the government. This will though not affect the electoral process, because Pluto nas no aspects. 
  3. The Moon is in a weak position in Capricorn, the sign of her detriment. In electional charts, it is important that the Moon is in a good position to guarantee a smooth going process. In this chart we see the opposite – the Moon in a bad condition. Even worse – the Moon is applying to the Sun by square, promising tension. Furthermore, she is placed in the 9th house, where she has no power to react and express her nature. In Mundane astrology, the Moon represents people and the public. The Sun represents the Prime Minister and the government. There is tension between the people and the government but the people have no power to act. 
  4. Venus, the ruler of the ASC, is combusted by the Sun and is in the sign of its detriment, and all that happens in the 12th house – the elections are not independent, They are strongly afflicted by the Prime minister and the government and this is made secretly. What is interesting is that the Sun is applying to Mars in Gemini in the 2nd house. The Prime Minister will search for support from the military or an opposition party or a political alliance. With this party or alliance, the Prime minister could have common economical interests, as Mars is in the house of banks and financial institutions. 
  5. Neptune, the planet of socialism, is in a strong status (in its own sign) but in the 12th house.Mars is applying Neptune by square. The socialists play also secretly and there is tension between them and the opposition party or the political alliance, represented by Mars, which is in agreement with the government. 
  6. If there is some young, new party, it will be represented by Mercury, which is in detriment, in the 12th house, in mutual reception with Mars and in the Sun beams, applying to the Sun. This party, if there is such, will also play secretly and will be indirectly related to the party, presented by Mars. This young party has no chance to get in the parliament. It will be afflicted by the Prime minister and the government. 

© Katya Stoeva, 2021

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