Moon’s Power

Lately, I feel a flow of information around me and much of it is about the Moon. Is it coincidence? I don’t think so. I rather think that I get what I need at the right time. When our eyes are open, we see the signs from the Universe that help us in our way forward. 

The Moon symbolizes our unconscious side, which rules our behavior much more (in 97% of all cases) than our consciousness (represented by the Sun). That is why there is often a gap between intentions and executed behavior. What I have learned today is that our unconsciousness, or our software, is being programmed in two different ways:

  1. by copying and repeating behavior and attitudes from our parents and relatives, when we are young. In this way we get bugs in the software like “It’s hard to find a good job”, “No woman / man deserves you”, “You can never earn good money” and so on. Thus, we create a picture of all the things that we CAN’T get in life, from love to money, as well as all the things that we DON’T deserve, because we are NOT that good. 
  2. by strong negative emotional experiences, which leave deep prints in our soul. As a result, we feel guilty, we hate ourselves, we consider us unworthy and so on. 

When these two processes interfere, most of the people unconsciously believe that they don’t deserve what they want in life. That is why they unconsciously attract negative events that they see as harmonizing with their beliefs, while the chances to success are seen as deviations. These people are not ready to accept the good that comes to their lives. Attracting negative circumstances, they get bad results, which confirms and intensifies their low self confidence. 

Results we achieve do not reflect our talents or knowledge, they reflect our way of thinking. It doesn’t matter how much information we collect. Our behaviour is not going to change until we fix the bugs in our software. We have to change the way we see ourselves, in order to stop blocking our actions and success. Our internal world rules our external world. That is why it is necessary to automate the positive pictures of and affirmations about us to allow success in our life. 

It doesn’t matter how big our potentials are. Satisfaction of our emotional needs, shown by the Moon, is much more important for our success in life. 

© Катя Стоева, 2021

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