Venus in Virgo

When the Goddess of comfort, fine arts, aesthetics and love leaves the pompous and artistic Leo and ingresses the shy and hardworking Virgo, she has to express herself in a rational and pragmatic way.

Love relationships, as well as those with business partners, tend to become more influenced by the mind than by the heart. This is much better for the business relationships than for the intimate one, which suppose emotional attachment and engagement. On the other hand, this is a time to become more specific and plan for practical goals and steps in the relationship development.

In art, a greater attention is paid to the details, fulfilling the aspiration towards perfection. It is not a surprise that in the natal chart of Canaletto (Giovanni Antonio Canal) Venus was in Virgo. His pictures are well known by their high degree of detail, just as the one below.

Файл:Boston, Museum of Fine Art - Il bacino di San Marco c.1738 - Canaletto.jpg

Canaletto. Basin of San Marco,

A contemporary artist with Venus in Virgo is Katia Aho, who is seeking perfection in all the different ways she expresses herself in art (see the picture below).

Katia Aho. The Forest Path.

The feelings of aesthetics and beauty, which Venus is associated with, are now applied in a practical way in the everyday life, when we make a nice cake or fine jewelries.

Of course, there are no universal rules about how to manage Venus transition through Virgo in the best possible way. It all depends on the specific position of Venus in the natal chart, her aspects, house and sign placement.

If you are curious about your Venus and her influence on your life, we can take a look at your natal chart together.

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