Astrology and the Free Will

Many argue that acknowleging astrology means that we are agree there is no such a thing like free will, because our personality, our future and our faith is imprinted in the natal chart.

I don’t support this idea. I believe that we are absolutely capable to develop the features we want. But we must be very persistent in our efforts in order to achieve results.

I was born with no water in my natal chart. None of my planets was in a water sign at the time of my birth. I had really some difficulties to express my emotions and feelings.

One day, not so long ago, I decided to increase the water element in my chart in order to be more empathic and compassionate to the people I meet. I took some classes in spiritual wisdom and consulting skills at the same time as I began consciously listen better to what the others say and trying to think how it feels for them to go through the obstacles they describe. About a year later, I am not the person I used to be, my empathy has grown and I feel myself more capable to help others.

On a similar base, one could develop or increase any desired feature and this is our free will. What is needed is patience and conscious efforts (really strong will). We must also be ready to overcome our internal resistance, based on the fear of leaving our comfort zone. It takes time. It takes efforts. But if you want to change yourself really strong, go for it!

Reading this, one could ask “What is the meaning with astrology, if I can achieve all I want?”. I would answer, that astrology gives us awareness about our personality, strengths and potentials. For example, our Moon shows our internal needs or what is most important for a person in order they to feel theirselves nourished. With Moon in Libra, for example, harmony and balance in our relationships are essential for us to feel good. Conflicts and confrontations can make us feel really bad and give a rise of anxiety and stress related issues.

Another important perspective is that each factor in a chart can be seen as positive or negative dependant on the context. That is why it is very important for an astrologer not just to give information to their clients but also give a possible way of action. For example, transiting Saturn through your 6th house could weaken your health. But you could as well use Saturn’s principle to be more disciplined and take care about yourself preventing health deterioration this way. And here comes your free will – when you are informed about an upcoming influence, it is your choice to be proactive or to wait and see what will happen.