The Moon and our habits

The Moon has a special influence on us. In astrology, she symbolizes our subconsciousness, habits, emotions, adaptation, reactions and much more. Why is the Moon so important?

In our everyday life, we are ruled by our habits. We wake up every day and we do just the same things like the day before and like the day before. Habits are useful, they are automated activities that we don`t need to think about all the time. In such a way we save energy. Think how much energy it would take to engage our mind with questions like “Should I put on my left or right sock first?” or “Should I eat my breakfast or dress for my job first?”.

Besides all the habits that help us to maintain our everyday life, there are also habits that we would like to change, such as smoking. We all know that smoking is harmful for our health. The most of those who smoke have tried at least once to quit smoking. That was their intention. But there is often a gap (sometimes very big) between intention and behaviour, between “I intend to” and “I do”. Why do we still smoke if we have the knowledge about the adverse effects of this action?

The answer is simple. In lots of cases, smoking could be a coping mechanism, or the way we have found to deal with our hidden emotions or stress for example. These lie very deep within us and we may not even be aware about them. The Moon is related to them. Her position, status and aspects in the natal chart could reveal our fears, habits, reactions. For example, an adverse aspect from Saturn to the Moon could show (NB! “could show”, not “shows always”) that our personality has been suppressed by our parents . As a result, we maybe have grown up with a low self confidence, which might influeneced all or lots of our life aspects.

Now, if we suddenly stop smoking, we loose our coping mechanism and don`t know how to deal with stress. A different approach is needed. The power of astrology is that it could even show us a way to handle a situation, using our strengths. For example, in the described above situation, if the Moon has a good aspect with Mercury, which is somehow associated with our friends (e.g. placed in the 11th house), talking to friends could help us deal with our deep emotions or stress.

In order to heal a part of our selves, we should begin with being aware about the need of healing. The Sun describes our consciousness, as well as our will. Including our Sun in the process helps us to make the changes we want.

Ⓒ Katya Stoeva, 2022