I would be glad to help you find the answers you are searching for, wether it is a specific question that bothers you, or you strive to get to know more about yourself, your relationships, vocation or the world around. The magic of astrology is its capability to describe our personality, behaviour, trends in our life, as well as to give us tools to get a better version of ourselves.

ALL analyses are personally made by me and none of them is a product of an astrological softwer!


A natal chart reading, based on the themes specified in your intake form. When you don’t see a situation clearly; when you feel hurt, abandoned, or looking for a direction; when you want to reveal your talants and potentials, this reading should be helpful. You can get an insight about your internal needs, your reactions, relationships, vocation, self esteem, self expression etc.

You can choose between a 60 minute meeting or written chart analysis. I would recommend the meeting, because we can discuss what bothers you and I could help you better. But if you just want to receive a written report, that is ok for me.

For this analysis, a correct birth time is needed. If you are not sure about the time of your birth, please email me at

Price 88 euro


We’ll take a look at the energies coming to your life in the next 12 months.

This analysis includes description of the internal changes of your needs and emotional state, as well as the themes that will be activated in your life in the next 12 months.

If you feel lost, it might be due to a Neptune transit; if you feel an emotional burden, maybe Saturn is on your Moon right now. The power of astrology is that it can give you a clue about whaat’s going on and what might be expected. But it also can give you remedies about how to handle a specific kind of energy so that you profit from it and use it for your growth.

You can receive a written analysis or we can set up a meeting and discuss the forecast.

For this analysis, a correct birth time is needed. If you are not sure about the time of your birth, please email me at

Price 68 euro


If you have a specific question, a horary chart can be made. It is a chart of the question and no birth data is required. A horary chart can answer many different questions like

“Will I get the job?”,

“Should I buy the house?”,

“Will he/she call me?”,

“Am I pregnant?”,

“Will my health improve?” etc.

It is important that you are sincere when asking your question (not just asking for fun) and the question is specific, not general.

When you ask a horary question, you will get a written answer in three business days, in an email.

No birth time is needed here. I make a chart of the question, not of you.

Price 48 euro

What Should I Expect From a Consultation?

As an astrologer, I cannot tell you if you should marry a specific person. I can tell you points of understanding, support and nurishing, your and your partner’s internal needs, as well as points of tension in the relationship, but it is ultimately your decision whether or not to marry that person.

Your personal data and all information I get from you in relation to a reading is confidential. I will never publish your information or chart, or share your story even anonymously, without your consent! For me it is of high priority that you feel safe! In addition, as a member of OPA (The Organization for Professional Astrology) it is my obligation to follow OPA’s Ethical Guidelines.

The meeting is held on Zoom or Google Meet and I can send you an audio / video recording of it after the consultation. Generally, I don’t use astrological terms, unless you want me to explain something astrologically.

Please read the Disclaimer on the bottom of this page before you book a consultation!